Our research and development department provides optimal solutions for every product - from early drafting to final application.

TGK (Tesnila GK) solutions are the result of years of innovation, experience and improvement. We can develop and provide designs, drawings and construction for your products. Competitiveness and quality are achieved through our own solutions for automation of production and final quality control. Our know-how provides optimal solutions for our customers - from preliminary idea, to the final product.

  • Development & construction of rubber parts and moulds
  • Product development process (from draft to functional testing)
  • Development and construction of automation applications for internal use
  • Possibility to simulate movements of grommets (one of rare companies in the area with this possibility!)
  • FleX Structures program used (one of the most advanced simulation programs)
  • Reduction and/or eliminating expensive redesigns
  • Eliminating unpredictable grommet behaviours when in operation
  • CAE / FEM simulations possibility (cooperation with external supplier)