We at TESNILA GK d.o.o. represent ourselves on the market with a strategy that when it comes to quality, the customer is the ultimate judge of performance.


We base our commitment and implementation of the quality system and environmental management on the following principles:

  • The company's activities are aimed to meet the requirements, needs and expectations of interested parties. We strive to continuously meet the requirements of customers, legislation, technical regulations and other interested parties;
  • Quality and environment management system is the task of all employees. It is based on a process approach. Management takes responsibility for the quality management system and guides and supports employees to contribute to the success of the quality management and environmental management system;
  • Quality and environment management is not something that should only be discussed - it is the only acceptable way to work;
  • Our products must fully meet our customer’s expectations and fulfill customer specific requirements (CSR). The customer is our partner and his satisfaction is the main condition for our success;
  • The quality of our products depends on the quality of products and services provided to us by our suppliers. We strive to work with our suppliers in a partnership that is based on recognizing and understanding the quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 standards;
  • The quality of our products depends strongly on all our employees. Only professionally qualified, content and motivated employees can perform well;
  • Environmentally friendly processes are a value and an opportunity. We are aware of all the impacts our processes have on the environment and we try to identify, control and reduce all such impacts.


Only a clear and systematic quality management system can bring outstanding results. Because of this, we have set the following important tasks and commitments, to:

  • operate in accordance with the requirements of IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards;
  • satisfy our customers;
  • continuously motivate our employees;
  • care for the environment;
  • operate at the lowest possible cost and come as close as possible to the "zero (0) error" principle.


In order to achieve long-term success, we are committed to:

  • carry out all the tasks and objectives set forth in this policy and other documents of our quality management system and to manage the environment to the best of our ability;
  • annually plan quality objectives and environmental management objectives, periodically evaluate them and take immediate action in case of any deviations;
  • educate our employees and provide them with knowledge and understanding of quality and environmental management;
  • educate and train employees to perform their tasks correctly and raise awareness that all employees are responsible for quality and environmental protection;
  • continually document, upgrade, modify and adapt the quality and environmental management system in order to make the system even more efficient;
  • fulfil the requirements of buyers while at the same time observe all applicable legal and other requirements and to continuously improve the efficiency of our quality system and the system in place for environmental protection;
  • take care of the general public and be transparent in our operations. Also to accept public opinion (business partners, wider social community) and to take it into account as much as possible and integrate it into our management system;
  • reduce pollution;
  • comply with the environmental legal system;
  • reduce the use of resources.


We are convinced that a good quality management system and concern for the environment have always been and will continue to be our strongest argument in a competitive and demanding world market.



Tesnila GK d.o.o. has introduced all the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development into its business functions, operations and products to contribute our share to a better society and a cleaner environment. This way our company gains new advantages and benefits in comparison to our competitors.

  1. Care for employees  

    In our company, we comply with all legal norms and rules for an ethical attitude towards our colleagues and the community. In all areas of operation, we consistently respect the basic human rights (including prohibition of forced labour and child labour), we ensure equal opportunities for everybody and we do not tolerate discrimination. A motivated employee is the greatest value of a company, so we have introduced a system of constant education and rewards for employees. Our commitment is to promote an open, transparent and safe working environment, which enables employees to develop their full potentials and express their opinions or concerns. We pay special attention to health and safety at work and to optimising working conditions for all employees.

  2. Environmental protection  

    Tesnila GK is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard and perform annual inspections or repetitive audits by an external certification house. We have tightly integrated environmental goals into all areas of operation, we strive to constantly reduce energy consumption and limit emissions.

  3. Fair trade  

    An important value of any company is fair and ethical conduction of business. We believe that the ethical behaviour of all employees is crucial for the business success of a company, therefore we are firmly committed against corruption, including bribes and all forms of extortion. Respecting ethical principles also implies fair interrelations between employees, which greatly affect the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees

  4. Social responsibility  

    Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our company’s operations. We contribute either with our actions or financially in a number of social areas, such as sports, humanitarian causes and cultural endeavours. In this way, we can connect our company with the society and of course also the needs of our employees, customers and the environment.